Product Design & Engineering

Form + Function


Best appearance, mating the purpose of the form with the goals of it's intended uses. Creating an aesthetically appealing design that passes the test of time.


Considering usability, life span, and areas that might need extra strength or special tolerances to meet specific requirements of functionality. With assemblies, the interaction of components and materials that are engineered to perform past durability standards.

Manufacturing Efficiency:

It is a critical advantage that we have hands on manufacturing experience incorporated into all aspects of product design. What material will best suit the use? What is the most efficient process for production? Knowing answers to these types of questions need to be considered at every design stage.


Imagine + Test

3D Printing:

SLA and SLS modeling provides a quick turnaround to test visual and some functionality of a specified design. The newest technology in prototyping can 3D print with different durometers and colors of plastic and rubber -- even some metals and other specialized materials.

CNC Machining:

The most accurate process to create models can be accomplished by 5 axis machining from solid plastic or metal material. Advantages over 3D printing include not having "steps" or fusion of materials to provide a stronger, more dimensionally accurate part.

Plastic and Metal Fabrication:

Welding, cutting or assembly of machined or printed parts can replicate what can be expected from a finished production assembly line output.

Product Finishing:

Including colored and printed surfaces, with logos and detailing that show off the true beauty of a finished product.


Concept to Creation

Injection Molding:

In House tool shop ensures continuous feedback loop for highest production quality and best outcome from the injection molding line. We specialize in intricate parts that require overmolding, multi-color, dual shot and insert molding processes. Large format sizes can be accommodated up to 2 meters and precision tolerance components are our specialty. Material choices range from standard ABS and commodity polymers to FDA approved Silicone and UL approved Nylon.

Cases and Housings:

Electronics enclosures, boxes for storage, cases and housings for assemblies can be produced with stainless steel threaded inserts and mounting bosses, tamper resistant closures or user-friendly serviceable access. Insert molded lenses for display panels or indicator lights.

Metal Stamping and Forming:

All types of brackets, steel and aluminum stamping and forming. Progressive dies for complex shapes and Precision tolerances and repeatability scaled to any quantity. Many of these parts are made in conjunction with overmolded plastic injection molded assemblies.

Assembly and Logistics

After component part production, final assembly is performed in-house on a dedicated line. Templates and fixtures provide consistency with structured testing procedures and quality control checkpoints. We work with dedicated suppliers to source any needed hardware, electronics, textile and polymer materials to create a finished product.

Packaging & Printing


Digital and Offset printing:

CMYK, Hexachrome (OG) and 8C processes, Aqueous coatings from gloss to matte, tone-over-tone process for dimensional appearance, die stamp embossing. Offset printing for high performance color reproduction and accuracy. and attention to detail of craftsman style printing presses.

Eco conscious use of inks and materials:

Soy and water based inks, Using premium Recycled papers and cardboard.

Custom Package design / Media:

Product packaging from Card and Blister pack design to Luxurious Gift Boxes. Smart design guiding trend towards less material volume showcasing the product, not the package. Folded and full page brochures and advertisements, flyers, books and catalogs. DVD burning including Blue Ray, USB and embedded media.

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Jeffrey Eliseo, Owner / Project Manager

Our office is located in Northern California, with prototyping and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley and Asia. We enact a comprehensive approach to your project to meet specific goals; analyzing every detail from concept through creation. Drawing on my experience as an inventor with commercially successful products in the market for over 20 years, we have developed a high-efficiency process that saves time and cost.

Great products come from great design and understanding the intended market.

My own proprietary products include the Pentenna (for the cellular industry), Face-It snowshield ( / Patent 15/835,446), Klean Screen™ touch screen wipes, and Hide-your-cords power enclosure (Patent #US 7,399,200).

Providing confidentiality at all levels, proprietary client work does not appear on my website.

Send me an or text, instant message me here or ring anytime with any questions; we are always available to provide information and suggestions.

916-966-6099 x101 (office)

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